All My Friends are Fast Asleep
Music Class Today

About the Book

After tossing and turning in his bed, a little boy embarks on a nighttime quest to find a cozy place to rest. He visits one animal friend after another, from a lark in its nest to a mole in its hole. But while all the animals he meets are happily dozing, this tuckered-out wanderer remains wide-awake—until he finally finds the perfect spot to lay his head.

From David Weinstone, the popular children's musician and creator of the Music for Aardvarks program, comes All My Friends Are Fast Asleep, a rhythmic bedtime story—cheerily illustrated by Magali Le Huche—sure to smooth the way to sleep for young insomniacs everywhere.

Fun Extras

David Weinstone

DAVID WEINSTONE is a classically trained former punk rocker who lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and three children. He founded Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals, an interactive music class for preschoolers, in 1997. Today, the classes are taught all over the country, and there are sixteen original albums that feature Weinstone’s beloved songs. His books include Music Class Today! and All My Friends Are Fast Asleep. Learn more about Music for Aardvarks and David at

Megali Le Huche

MAGALI LE HUCHE was born in Paris. She studied illustration in Strasbourg, then returned to Paris where she has illustrated more than forty books for children, some of which she also wrote, including This is a Good Story and City Kitty Cat. She regularly teaches art workshops for young people. Follow Magali on Instagram @magalilehuche.