Return to Augie Hobble by Lane Smith

The brilliant debut novel from celebrated children’s book creator Lane Smith.

Return to Augie Hobble

Augie Hobble lives in a fairy tale — or at least, Fairy Tale Place, the down-on-its-luck amusement park managed by his father. Yet his life is turning into a nightmare: he's failed Creative Arts (who fails Creative Arts?) and has to take summer school, the girl he has a crush on won't acknowledge him, and Hogg Wills and the school bullies won't leave him alone. Worst of all, a succession of mysterious, possibly paranormal events have him convinced that he's turning to a werewolf (just check out the fur that seems to be growing from his palms). At least Augie has his notebook and his best friend Britt to confide in — until the unthinkable happens and Augie's life is turned upside down, and those mysterious, possibly paranormal events take on a different meaning.

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Praise for Return to Augie Hobble:

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L.A. TIMES Summer Recommended Reading List

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“You’ll cheer for this novel.”—Gary Schmidt, Newbery Honor-winning author

“The award-bedizened illustrator offers up his first novel...Great fun, with hardly a trope or theme left unspun.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Smith huffs and puffs and blows the roof off his first novel. . . . If this novel were normal, fans would be disappointed. Give it to readers who wish Bridge to Terabithia had been written by Polly Horvath. Bravo, Lane Smith!”—Booklist, starred review

“Two-time Caldecott Honoree Smith, in his first novel, does an impeccable job of introducing heartbreak while keeping the mood light.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The incomparable Lane Smith stomps triumphantly into the middle school playground with his first novel ... I won’t spoil the plot—it’s too good—but I’ll say that intimations of werewolf possession are all the more arresting when told in tones of schoolboy snark.”—Gregory Maguire in The New York Times Book Review

“Like the late comic master, Terry Pratchett, Smith knows how to make profound points lightly as he holds a funhouse mirror to the larger world.”—The Washington Post

“This unusual, ultimately exultant story is tinged with the supernatural and heartbreaking at its core.”—The Wall Street Journal

“A comedic romp. . . . Thrilling.”—Raleigh News & Observer

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