Featuring friendship, school, family, and a diverse community, these early illustrated chapter books have it all. Now back in print with refreshed covers, the Jigsaw Jones series is available again for a new generation of readers!

The Case from Outer Space

Jigsaw Jones: The case from outer space

Jigsaw Jones is back! In this new, original mystery, Jigsaw and his crew—Mila, Joey, and Danika—find a clue that implies an alien may be about to visit their school! Can it be true? And what does the Little Free Library have that aliens from outer space might want?

(Hint: The school librarian has invited a special guest to talk about space exploration—an astronaut!)

Friendship, mystery, and school-day shenanigans are what make Jigsaw Jones mysteries beloved and read over and over. Will include a word jumble (names of planets in solar system), writing prompts, and information on how to start a little free library (which are taking hold in many parts of the country).

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The Case of the Bicycle Bandit

Case of the Bicycle Bandit

Ralphie Jordan loves his beat-up bike, Old Rusty. The tires are bent, some spokes are missing, and the chain keeps falling off. But Ralphie wouldn't trade it for any other. Then Old Rusty goes missing just outside the library and Ralphie is devastated. It's up to Jigsaw and Mila to find out who stole it, and the theif may be closer than anyone would have guessed!

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The Case of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost

Case of the Glow-in-the-dark-ghost

Glow-in-the-dark footprints, eyewitness accounts of a ghost haunting school grounds—something doesn't add up! Ghosts don't have feet, do they? Either way, Jigsaw Jones is on the case, and he'll do whatever it takes to solve this spooky mystery. . . even if it means he has to be at school extra late!

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The Case of the Mummy Mystery

Case of the Mummy Mystery

Only Joey Pignattano would agree to eat a worm in exchange for a dollar. Problem is, he doesn't trust Bobby Solofsky to hold up his end of the deal. So he's hired Jigsaw Jones to make sure Bobby keeps his word. But when the worm goes missing and the primary suspect is a mummy—on Halloween, of all days!—Jigsaw Jones is the only one who can solve the case!

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The Case of the Smelly Sneaker

Case of the Smelly Sneaker

It's girls versus boys in the biggest football game of the year! Jigsaw Jones is referee, while his partner, Mila, is coaching the girls' team. Bobby Solofsky has no doubt the boys will win, but the girls have a secret weapon. Then one of Bigs Maloney's sneakers goes missing, and Bobby wants to call off the whole game. Can Jigsaw and Mila find this sneaker thief in time to save the game?

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